Balancing your body, emotions, and mind doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us make it easy for you with a DEVICE THAT DOES IT ALL!



RegenU8 is designed to protect and restore your health, influencing your bio-field and the surrounding environment with specially selected wave signals of the Si-Ge crystal in each of the 8 device programs.
RegenU8 is a non-invasive, high tech device with a comprehensive approach toward Whole Body Well-being, Energy Balancing, Rejuvenation and Regeneration.


RegenU 8 Is able to correct energetic disharmony even before it’s manifested as a dis-ease.
When device is applied together with any other methods of treatment, prevention or rehabilitation, the organism restores normal functional and homeostasis of ill organs. BioResonance Therapy enhances the body’s natural mechanisms of self-regulation, self-healing and make make it possible to prevent irreversible changes in the body.


RegenU 8 uses millimeter wave technology combined with infrared technology for the purpose of assisting in restoration of disturbed physical and psycho-emotional harmony.
RegenU 8  has 8 specific programs that support self regulation, regeneration and self healing mechanisms in the Human bio field also known as the Meridian and Chakra Systems.

100% Safety Guaranteed.

Confirmed by Clinical Studies.

Over 200 Scientific Articles, Dissertations and Theses.

Drug Free Life

Easy to Use at Home or on the Go

It will benefit all members of the family regardless of age and gender. The device is convenient to use and easy to operateeconomicalsafesecure and lightweight. It is recommended for everyday use at home to raise vitality, boost health and improve psycho emotional condition.


All living organisms on this planet are composed of an Energetic Matrix or energetic blueprint that surrounds and creates their physical form and vice versa. That energetic matrix provides information to the body.
In 1994 a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health chose the word “Biofield” to describe that field of energy and information. The biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and unquantified subtle energy, known from ancient times as prana or chi. The human biofield is multidimensional, offering 3D physical form along with the vibrational aspects of the emotional, mental planes, and beyond.
This energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the genes (DNA) in cells to communicate at the speed of light and maintain a coherent holistic intelligence in the organism. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways.
The ancient oriental medicine affirms that there are many diseases but just one reason behind them – destroyed harmony. The health of а person depends а lot on his/her ability to adapt to the environment. People and the environment interact with each other all the time, exchanging energy, information and matter.

8 Powerful Modes to Optimize your Health


Protect from harmful electromagnetic smog and harmonizes the energy field in all living beings.


Regenerate and repair cartridges in joints , improves mobility , reduces inflammation and pain in joints and spine.


Experience faster healing. Accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues

( wounds, burns , broken bones, ) and malfunctioned organs.


It is aimed at improving mood, stimulating pleasure centers of the brain and relieving anxiety and depression.reduces psycho-emotional stress , assists in sleep disorders. Harmonizes Sympathetic + Parasympathetic nervous system.


Say goodbye to inflammation! Strong anti-inflammatory effect in acute and chronic conditions. Reduces edema and pain. Prevents cytokine storm in rapid developing conditions.


Improves oxygen supply to the cells , by improving microcirculation and tissues respiration. Normalizes the function of the entire respiratory chain ; gas exchange in the lungs, hemoglobin in the blood, respiratory ferments, Oxygen transport and utilisation, ATP synthesis . All the above increases mental clarity and energizes the whole body.


Tap into the fountain of youth! Assists in slowing down aging by restoring cellular metabolism, increasing the sensitivity of the receptor system to biologically active substances and hormones, and enhances the nourishment of tissues.


 By utilizing low intensity infrared light this program enhances the effect of all other 7 programs . The noticeable result is detoxification, weight loss, relief from sore muscles and joint pain, clear and tighter skin,improved circulation, better sleep and deep relaxation.

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Every process that takes place in the body, in an organ, or in а cell, has а double nature:

  • ​A change in energy will lead to changes in the biochemical process.
  • ​ Every biochemical reaction will lead to а change in the energy system.

The optimal health of the human body depends on 3 main factors:

  • The unobstructed flow of energy through the channels or meridians
  • ​The strength of one’s own energy and information system
  • ​Their ability to adapt to the surrounding environment.
The human body works harmoniously if its energy channels are clear and therefore the flow of the energy is optimal.
Changes in the biochemical metabolism occur due to the changed energy waves which makes it difficult to flow through the energy centers. The changed energy waves disturb the normal functions of the centers and therefore prevent а healthy energy flow to the peripheral channels and internal organs. This results in а lack of energy for providing the necessary processes in the body and its proper function .
The disruption of normal Bio field function can also be caused by external factors such as: adverse ecological situations, electromagnetic smog, poor-quality water, unhealthy food, stress, emotional and psychological tension etc.

What each program can do for you!

PROGRAM 1: GUARDIAN (30 minutes)

This is the only program out of 8 that is able to stimulate the whole bio-field of living beings distantly, up to 2 feet away. Wear it around the neck or place nearby.
In this mode, the device sends waves of frequencies that structure water particles present in the air. Restructured particles start re-radiating, clearing the surrounding space from electromagnetic smog and create an oasis of harmonious existence for all biological objects (people, animals, plants). That beneficial effect is maintained by water particles long after the device is switched Off.
Can charge drinking water! Charged water increases the vitality of the whole being.

Apply 20 seconds to the side of the water container, avoiding use of container with thickness of more than 2-4 mm

It is recommended to take a few sips of the structured water right away without pouring it anywhere else or storing.


  •  Protects all living organisms from harmful environmental stressors and external influences i.e. electromagnetic smog (especially 4G and 5G ) chemical, microbial, etc.
  • ​Improves the function of the immune system

  • ​Balances sympathetic/parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system , assists in harmonizing psycho-emotional

  • ​Mitigates the adverse influences of working on the computer, long trips in the car, flights, etc.

  • ​Improves the quality of sleep. To improve the quality of sleep, place it on the nightstand, turn it on, and go to sleep. The device will turn off in 30 min.

  • ​Can charge drinking water Charged water increases vitality of the whole being.( see picture above )

PROGRAM 2: AGILITY (15 minutes)


  • Reduces Inflammation, swelling, and pain in joints & spine. 
  • ​Delays the wear and tear in the cartilage, with longer use promoted

  • ​Promotes regeneration of the cartilage when used for extensive period of time.

  • ​Increases mobility

  • ​Reduces the need for the daily use of painkillers (due to reduced pain in general)

PROGRAM 3: SCAN & REVIVE (15 minutes)

Scan & Revive is a unique “read-respond” function that permits the device to derive information directly from the area of application and return the information as a harmonizing healing signal.

Processes that utilize signals from the body in order to then generate and reintroduce beneficial frequencies back into the body are known in classic “bio-resonance” devices and processes ( BRT) They have been used for centuries in many different bio-energy devices. It is very well recognized as safe and effective.
The “Reading “occurs at the very beginning of the program and then repeatedly (during all 15 minutes) at regular intervals. The recorded signal is re-emitted in a “passive” mode. Thus, the signal received from the body is updated many times as the energy of the bio-field keeps changing in response to the received signals. This ensures the high efficiency of this mode.
With more serious conditions better results with be experienced when this program is combined with other programs.


  • Increases restoration of homeostasis, cellular function, and regeneration of damaged tissues in emergency situations.
  • ​Accelerates self-regulation, self-healing, and the adaptation abilities of all living organisms.

  • ​Supports rapid recovery from trauma, burns, abrasions, broken bones and in wound healing.

  • ​Mitigates Pain and discomfort of unknown causes.

  • ​Enhances the effect of all 7 programs and other natural therapies.

  • ​Boosts vitality in a weak or aged person.
*The more serious the condition is, the better it is to combine this program with other programs.


Reduces the overall stress burden on the system.


  • Helps to deal with fatigue, anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, and depression.
  • ​Stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain thus improving mood, sense of contentment, and joy.

  • ​Greatly improves the regulation of the central and autonomous (sympathetic/ parasympathetic) nervous systems.

  • ​Stimulates and balances Vagus nerve.

  • ​Prevents and relieves stress damage to the cardiovascular, digestive, and immune system.

  • ​Supports meditative and spiritual practices.

  • ​ Increases effect of conventional therapies for chronic conditions

PROGRAM 5: Inflammation Gone (10 minutes)


  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect in acute and chronic conditions.
  • ​Prevents and mitigates cytokine storm in rapid developing conditions.

  • ​Supports healing wounds, scratches, and burns as it minimizes the risk of infection.

  • ​Reduces edema and pain.

PROGRAM 6: OXY BOOSTER (12 minutes)

This unique program designed to enhance the resistance to hypoxia , the medical term for deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues and/or every cell.
There are 3 types of hypoxia: hemic, circulatory and tissue hypoxia.
Use as needed for acute hypoxia or as a set of 15 sessions for chronic conditions


  • Improves micro-circulation and tissue respiration.
  • ​Normalizes the functioning of the respiratory chain i.e gas exchange in the lungs, hemoglobin in the blood, respiratory ferments, oxygen transport and utilization, ATP synthesis.

  • ​The activation of oxidation-reduction processes increases the supply of energy to the body.

  • ​Activates the system of defense from free radicals when the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the body is insufficient.

  • ​Mitigates hypoxia caused by high altitude

  • *All the benefits above incr