Strong Joints Forever eBook


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When I set out to write this book on joint health, I did it bearing in mind that a balance needed to be struck between the various aspects of my health protocol and the direct application of the protocol in preserving and aiding the joints. Some of what you will read in this book has already been well documented, such as the correlation between diet and arthritis, and the benefits of delayed food allergy testing. Some other aspects of the protocol may be very new to you, like Cylic Variations in Altitude Conditioning (CVAC) treatments, hyberbaric oxygen or stem cell therapies, but all of them, I assure you, play a beneficial role in keeping your joints young and strong. The techniques and treatments contained in this book are powerful, yet simple. I sincerely believe that my methods will prove to be rewarding and fun. Consequently, I believe that having fun should be included in every aspect of our lives.