Dr. Nick Delgado

Biochemistry Expert
48+ Years

Diversity of Experiences

Dr. Nick Delgado is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine and the immune system for over 44 years having trained doctors in blood hematology, lipid metabolism and peak performance.  He is a U.S.C and Loma Linda University Graduate, a major contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies as a medical correspondent to 26,000 physicians and scientists for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M. 

Nick Delgado served as the Life Master coach for 1,000’s of attendees to Tony Robbins Mastery University 1994, 1995. Nick Delgado competed in his 50’s and as recently as age 66 as a strength endurance world record holder against men half his age. Nick broke two world records doing 1038 Curls nonstop with 50 lbs for one hour in 2011.  In 2007 he exceeded the all time world record for curl and press lifting overhead 50,560 lbs in one hour. He led Team USA to a second world Championship undefeated first in London 2007 then at the Arnold Fitness Festival 2016.  He has guided elite athletes UFC, NFL, NBA, MLB and doctors to train the best golfers in the world. 

In 1980 Nick set up corporate wellness at TRW, Aerospace to increase productivity and the quality of life. Educator Programs for doctors at Kaiser San Diego, and protocols for patients at Stanton Community Hospital and Midwood Community Hospital. We have helped tens of thousands of people stricken with Heart attacks, stroke injury, diabetic, hypertensive, autoimmune disease and cancer victims.     

Dr Delgado employs the 7 key Pillars to wellness 1) Hormones 2) Detoxification 3) Fitness 4) Nutrition 5) Sleep 6) Behavior, Love & Spiritual 7) advanced Therapeutics, Stem Cells  

Delgado Protocol for Health has been Awarded several honors including Certificate of Congressional Recognition as Best Health Products, Ed Royce, Member of Congress-40th District. 

Our new brand DocNutrients helps to support Anti Aging, immune system support by achieving hormonal balance with 7 pillars of health.   

Nick Delgado is the author of Acne Be Gone for Good, co-written with Sonia Bansal MD, Board Certified in Dermatology. We have guided over 50,000 young people and adults to reach their goal of clear skin, ideal health and energy. 

Nick is the author of several award winning cookbooks including How to look Great and feel Sexy and Simply Healthy No Soap Plant based Cookbook.

Nick is passionate about guiding couples and singles to find love  with his book and courses Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy

The world has become challenged by immune system issues and his greatest current works include “Blood Doesn’t Lie.” and watch for his newest release “Immune Boost, A Hormone Solution”.  

Find Dr Nick Delgado on iTunes, Spotify titled “Beyond Human” see our webinars with views over 1.4 million views at https://fromthedoctors.com  We are located in Costa Mesa California with Doctors and educators trained by and hosted by NickDelgado.com 

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